Shopping, Thank You ….and other craft related activities

So, here I am and it’s Saturday already. Where did this week go again?  It hasn’t been awfully eventful but it has been busy. Thursday was both the highlight and the catastrophy day for me. I had a lovely morning, it was the beginning of the annual craft fair at the SECC here in Glasgow – I like to get there early, get in, get shopped and get out before it gets too busy. I usually go with a chum but she wasn’t going this time so there I was minding my own business waiting for the ticket office to open when this lady – who I had seen in the ‘I-bought-my-tickets-before-I-got-here’ line, came over and asked me if I was on my own and waiting to buy an entrance ticket? She went on to explain that she normally was with a pal who hadn’t been able to make it so she had a spare ticket and would I like it? Yes, yes and YES! came the loud reply. So lets start with a very loud THANK YOU to that kind lady, I offered to pay her but she hadn’t paid for the tickets herself  so wouldn’t take money from me. All I know about her is that she lives in Ayr and makes teddy bears…what a lovely thing to do!  Thank you once again, Teddy Bear lady, I will pass your kindness on as soon as I can.

My catastrophe was going to the hairdressers, where I have been going for eight years to find the girls who does my colour left last week (never mentioned it to me!) and the guy who owns it and does my cutting is heading out to live in Australia in six weeks time! So I have just about got my colour how I want it to look given my age colouring etc and now I have to break someone else in! Catastrophe! because we all know a bad hair day can totally ruin our week!

At the craft fair I visited my favourite places: Barbara at Clarity Stamps – what a lovely person she is and so very talented. Yes I did spend a small fortune there ‘cos I love her stamps and love to watch her work. I then went to a stand that I was curious about, Lavinia Stamps.  I have been to the web site and started filling up my online shopping basket then got distracted! I was therefore, delighted to find them at the show. They were terribly helpful – two chaps – and the stamps are every bit as good in real life as they look on the website – look out for a card later on! I spent a small fortune there too!  Finally, and after several diversions for ‘I-must-buy-that-now’ purchases, I eventually got to the Lily of the Valley stand. Again these are incredible stamps.  I bought a couple in the Christmas show to make cards for my son for pals at school and they turned out simply adorable! Go check all these places out – I know you won’t be disappointed!

Here are a couple of cards that I have made using Lavinia Stamps and Lily of the Valley stamps.  The first is the Lavinia Stamps one – all fairies and ethereal stuff – I have also submitted this card to Flutterby Wednesday challenge which is a lovely one for me because I love butterflies and Fairies! This card also incorporates my very first attempt at brayering!  So if you see Barbara from Clarity Stamps tell her I was watching and listening intently and desperately trying to learn!

for Flutterby Wednesday's

My second card is a Christmas card.  What?!?! I hear you cry…well I found this amazing website called Christmas Stamping All Year Round. Yep, that’s my kind of place!  I just love all things Christmas so when I noticed they have a weekly challenge to help you get on top of your Christmas card making I thought THIS IS THE PLACE FOR ME!!!!!  Here is my challenge entry which features one of my favourite Lily of the Valley stamps from last Christmas and quite a bit of glitter….well what else is Christmas for if you can’t sparkle your cards up! You can just about see the glitter on this card.

Christmas stamping all year round challenge

My final card is another Lily of the Valley stamp – this one bought on thursday at the show and I am entering this one into Stamping 411 Saturday Sketch challenge.  This is another amazing website that I like to visit. They have some brilliant tutorials and I have to confess I have trawled through these and picked up some amazing tips and tricks, my favourite one involves using my paper crimper but we will come back to that…. here is the most adorable stamp….

First day at school

I have to say this stamp reminds me of both of my boys’ first day at school – just an adorable stamp!

And finally….do you remember the baking frenzy, the fudge making, the card set making?  well the bake day, after a couple of postponements finally happened on Friday.  I whizzed up to school with several card sets, three trays of cup cakes, two trays of fudge and two shop bought boxes of short bread (After several attempts to make it myself I gave up and relied on Marks & Spencer! so if any one has a fool proof shortbread recipe I would love to hear from them).  Chris’s group managed to raise £100 for their charity and the other groups raised similar amounts. Not too shabby for a small school either!  Well done to all who took part – a sterling effort all round!  here’s the evidence…

Bagged Fudge
Soon to be Cupcakes
Hand made Fudge Labels

The finished item - individually bagged CUPCAKES!

And a final finally….Don’t forget the MARCH FRENZY –  Stampin’ Up are offering some fantastic deals on special items – use the link to the right to get details of these.  And very finally, I will be posting my very first tutorial over this next week as soon as I am satisfied the instructions make sense – for this I am having my Beloved to follow them – he is a non crafter and I think if he can follow them then crafters most certainly will be able to!

Till next time – don’t forget to stamp your place in the world!


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