Hello and Welcome…. Did you know?…. Obsession…and of course some Crafting!

Hello! and Welcome! to all the lovely people who have visited my blog and who have subscribed to it – I hope you know what you have let yourself in for. My blog tends towards waffle and rarely stays on topic – of crafting – usually meanders through what I or my Beloved or my Delightful Boys have been up to – for good or bad! But I have read other people’s blogs and I subscribe to quite a few as well – see side panel on right for where I get my inspiration – and many of them meander, waffle and warble on about life in general too – so I am not alone!

Did you know that if you like any of the creations – whether I dreamt them up myself or whether I CASEd them (that means Copy And Share Everything or in some circles Copy And Study Everything – I do both! Usually when I have run out of MoJo and in need of inspiration!) YOU can buy the products that I have used TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY! This blog is like Asda only without the need for a shopping trolley – you don’t need to leave home to do your shopping! Just email me: stampdelicious@gmail.com, give me a list of what you are looking to buy, I will tot it up, contact you and let you know if you qualify for FREEBIES (OH YES GIRLS!), get your payment details and deliver your products to you as soon as they are in. How easy is that! So…what are you waiting for…use the links on the right hand side to view the products or contact me for your very own Ideas and Catalogue book.

Grey’s Anatomy – what is going on there? and what did Meredith think she was doing? Well, actually I have the answers – please don’t ask me, cos I am not into spoiling things for people.  I was so obsessed with what is going on that I had to download the final two episodes from iTunes and watch them!  and now I need to know what is going to happen with House and Cuddy, Chase and 13, and Taub and the daft nurse! For goodness sake – how did I get so obsessed? Clearly I just don’t have enough going on in my life cos I have also latched on to Hot in Seattle, if only for Betty White’s one liners – she is so funny! I can’t believe the thin girl from Manchester that is in it does such a dreadful British accent mind!                                                                               And finally, what you have all been waiting for – some crafting! Yippee!!!! Ok this first card is a CASE of one that I saw here by Monica Gale, as soon as I saw it I just loved it, mine is very marginally different but not significantly and I didn’t place a sentiment on it yet as I think I have a recipient for this card.  

Pink Butterflies

This next card I made for my youngest son to give to his Dad on his birthday. Although we have been divorced for ten years I do still try to make an effort for my son. I will not bemoan my ex husband – it takes two to argue and fight and without him I wouldn’t have my delightful youngest son – well not in his present form anyway!

Happy Birthday Music

You are right – not much of this card is SU – The papers are Bazzill Basics, Bo Bunny’s Timepieces, SU Very Vanilla, the stamp is one from Papermania which I stamped using Rangers Walnut Stain then pulled the colour out and added some Rusty Hinge and Aged Mahogany for good measure. I finished the card with a few brads I had and the sentiment is SU Modern Label punch, the border and EK Success one.

Birthday Cake!

This is a half and half – half Tulip by DoCrafts and half SU! The card blank is one I had from a set, layered with Tulip and Rich Razzleberry CS, the punch is a Martha Stewart one, the stamp is Tulip coloured in with Prismacolour pencils and finished with SU Rich Razzleberry ribbon and of course some Glamour Dust for good measure!  I made this card for my girlfriend Jennie. Both my boys had a massive crush on Jennie when they were much younger – in fact my youngest had a crush on her from being about two and half and called her ‘Jennie-my-girlfriend’ until he was about eight! Happy Birthday Honey – I still miss chatting with you every day!

Finally something a little different but none the less delightful.

Believe in Old Olive

Another CASE from here this time and the delightful Lori Mueller. I am hoping to have a tutorial for you all from Lori in the near future – I know she is busy writing it as we speak! Good luck Lori and remember to get some rest between spinning all those plates! Lori had CASEd this card also from Diane Gilbert here so I don’t feel too bad about CASEing it myself!   What I loved about this card was the way the flowers were made – Lori explains fully how she made them and I just followed her instructions! I didn’t have the Pear Pizzaz so I used Old Olive instead but I don’t think it made too much of a difference.  I passed the flowers through my crimper about four times and was very surprised how easily the fibres parted. Give it a go  – it makes a lovely soft finish!

Ok, so not too much more to say tonight  – my next task is to update some of the other pages.  I am still doing the Paleo (1 stone and counting!!!) but have been unable to start the Cardio Challenge – the weather up here on the West Coast of Scotland has been abysmal and when its not been abysmal it’s been raining!  If you live up here you will recognise the difference! I will keep you posted of when I get started…

So till next time remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx                                   



I wanted to say a MASSIVE big thank you to every one who has visited my blog since it began.  Today I had my 1000th visitor and still it went on to hit 1054 – TODAY!!!  I am overwhelmed – so thank you to you all! I appreciate you taking the time and visiting xxx

I had the time of my life….Stamp Club….Cardio Challenge and what comes next?

Oh My, Oh My!  what a great time we had yesterday! It was the start of theSimply Stamping classes and what a start! I drove there quite early to get set up and ensure I was there to great my ladies coming in. Just after half past nine the heavens opened and it started to rain! (it actually only stopped sometime early this morning!) The sky turned that rather nasty iron colour and just let the rain fall down in sheets. I thought ‘No one is going to come out in this weather for anything’. And then the ladies started to arrive. In ones and two’s. And they were looking as terrified as I felt. But golly! they were lovely to me.  If they knew I was terrified they never let on and laughed at my – very, very – small jokes as well! Here are a couple of pics – they all asked to photographed on their ‘good’ side – I hope I got it right!

Simply Stamping Girls

They all look very industrious don’t they!

Simply Stamping Girls - The Moon and Gold Girls

These girls have such lovely names I just couldn’t resist giving them a new moniker – Tracey and Gillian – thank you so much for your lovely comments on the blog and I can’t wait till next week either!

Simply Stamping Girls

I was chuffed to bits that every one was happy to get up and walk about – I have been to classes where I dare not move from my seat! This first class was pretty informal and designed to get everyone chatting together, moving around and comfortable working around others. A bit of a free for all really. Next week it all starts to get tougher! We will incorporate what we learned this week and add a couple of steps to it!  Great fun!  My second group of girls was a little smaller – only four turned up but I suspect the weather had an awful lot to do with it. Whilst these girls were totally different in personality as a group, they were still lots of fun to be around!  I don’t craft WITH anyone and it is something I really miss – when you craft together you tend to bounce ideas around and amazing things get made! Thats what happened with both of these groups – It was honestly a pleasure to be there! I am really looking forward to my last ‘first’ class on tuesday and really looking forward to class two starting saturday. If you haven’t booked your place then its time to give me a call or drop me an email!

STAMP CLUB – what do you think to that idea?  How will that work? and of course a billion other questions.  It’s simple really – you opt in to my Stampers Six group – there are six people in it and you each commit to spending £25.00 per month for six months.What do you get?  Well first off you will get a FREE copy of the Stampin’ UP Idea’s and Catalogue book, then when it’s your turn to be Hostess you get to choose your favourite stamp set right from the Idea’s and Catalogue Hostess Pages. AND on top of all that you also get to choose FREEBIES up to £15.00 on the month that you are Hostess! Cool eh?! What do you need to do to get into the club? Give me a call or an email and we will get you rolling towards your fantastic FREEBIES and HOSTESS Stamp Set.

Cardio Challenge starts tomorrow – thank the Lord it’s my feet that will be doing it and not my hands! I am not sure that I could manage to go too long without crafting!  So what I have to do is complete 40k – Yep! I did say 40k – each week for six weeks! Am I scared – you bet I am! At fifty years of age things don’t work quite as easily as they did when I was thirty or even forty and running on a regular basis! I am knocking back the Glucosamine and Chondroitin to get my bones and ligaments ready and am praying to God that the rain stops soon! All I need to do now is get those running shoes on….

It was my friend Sam’s birthday this week. Sam is my pal from work and a very cool and trendy person – I wanted to make her a card that reflected her personality and then I remembered this stamp set that I hadn’t used yet – A Flower for All Seasons and I thought Sam deserved to get lots of flowers and all seasons flowers are just about a reflection of her – she never changes and is always so lovely no matter what is happening! Happy Birthday to you Sam! 

Happy Birthday Sam!

So what comes next?  Hmm….well I have just booked my place at the Stampin’ Up Convention in Paris in November where I am hoping to meet lots of other Stampin’ Up girls, learn about the fantastic Christmas Stamps coming up and get some tips and tricks for some new techniques, designs and ideas to pass on to you girls.  I am quite excited about it and no doubts as it gets closer you will hear me going on about it quite a lot! Next week my Simply Stamping girls are going to be doing the Rock and Roll technique and the Two Step stamping technique – sounds like we ought to be having our dancing shoes on!

Time to go I am afraid but till next time – remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx

AAArrggghh! Its tomorrow already! My Name is Jonathon, Paleo and a few of my favourite things…

Can you believe it? Me either! So for those who have skipped a few posts: Tomorrow is the start of the Simply Stamping classes over at Craft World (Scotland) Ltd, at Hillington. I have prepared myself into oblivion! My bags are all packed and waiting by the door. All I need to do now is go there and deliver the class! Easy!  Yeah…right. So will I get to sleep? I doubt it. Am I nervous? Too right I am! Will I get over it? sometime around 3.30pm tomorrow afternoon I might…..   Seriously though….I have done all class bags, I have cut ribbon, card stock and pearls into portion sizes, everything is ready and waiting for those lovely ladies to turn up and be entertained. I am really looking forward to it so fingers crossed that it all turns out alright…I will let you know and if it doesnt look like its going well…I will just tell them my name is Jonathon!

Paleo – still going brilliantly, twelve pounds now and when I go to work on Monday I will be wearing a large ladies (fitted) tshirt instead of a large unisex one. You will have seen me in it, I am the one that looks like a rather large blue sack with sufficient room for two people in it, especially in the sleeves, waist, shoulder and boob area. Oh – you are right, that’s pretty much everywhere then! Also Monday the Cardio Challenge begins – 40k a week for six weeks. Yep, I know. I though it was for only four weeks too, but just think how much different I might look in six weeks instead of four…..

And what you came here for – some crafting…..

Vintage in Gold

This first card is made with the Springtime Vintage stamp set from the mini (see right hand side!). I made the centre piece pretty much as soon as I got the stamp set – I wanted to see how it would perform and I sat with the stamped image in front of me for weeks before deciding to turn it into a card. The ribbon didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped so if there is anyone out there who could teach me how to ruffle up my ribbon – please get in touch!

Flowers in Purple

This one I just had to make. I love this Exclusive to SU Bigz L die cutter – I cut the flowers out then ran them through my BigShot inside the Exclusive to SU Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder. I love the depth of texture it gives. I then attached it to a piece of card stock which went through the BigShot inside the Exclusive to SU Elegant Bouquet embossing folder. I also liberally spritzed everything with Glamour Dust but that hasn’t shown up as well as I had hoped – sorry.

Pink Vintage

 I would love to take all the credit for this little number but I would feel very bad about it if I did. Whilst I have created this card in Pretty in Pink and Early Espresso there is an original that I CASEd this card from.

Pink Vintage

You can see the original here although I am going to purchase the instructions, for the rest of the set for us to make, that Jenny made although hers are in a totally different colour way. If you visit Jenny’s page you have to scroll about half way down to get to the area where the original is.  Isn’t her work lovely? I was bowled over by the crisp and clean lines that she makes. Love those designs!

And finally….

Baja Flowers

I realised that, although I really love the Top Note die, I am not using it an awful lot so I made a concerted effort to make a card using it this week. And this is the result. I love the blingy bits on the big flower but they don’t show off the sparkle in the photo as much as I would have liked.

OK – off to try to get some sleep now. I have packed my camera, so with permission from my ladies I will take some pics and let you know how it has gone….till next time don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! xxx

Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring, Don’t Panic…a parents’ anguish – a difficult post…

So I think I mentioned that my two boys have exams this week. My youngest is taking a very sanguine approach, only studying – when really pressed – for the subjects that he feels worthy of extra study….those that he will be taking next year. Everything else is a waste of time and space in this boy’s relative brain. We have tried hard to explain that having a broader, successful exam base is a really good idea but no, this boy is so laid back he is almost horizontal! C’est la vie! I have every confidence that he will do fine in the bigger picture and if he ends up not being a doctor (a desire he has held for a long time now) it will be as a result of complete reasoning and exploring his own very expensively educated mind!  I am not really tearing my hair out….honest!

My other son, equally as bright and older, appears to be having his very first exam panic attack. He is away from home at University and there is not a thing I can do to help. This is a boy who has been at the top of his academic game for a long time: as a nine year old I was warned that he may be a gifted child in Maths. At secondary school he was always ahead of every one else. When we moved him to his last and final school they took the disappointing step of dropping him from the top math set to the bottom one based upon his previous schools’ reputation.
Several weeks of boredom and a couple of phone calls saw him being assessed and pretty immediately he was moved through three classes to the top of his year. That first year he was the only child in the school clever enough to get through to the National finals of the Maths Olympiad. His final year in school and studying for Advanced highers in Maths, Physics and Chemistry he gained a girlfriend and stopped studying. Several long talks occurred and the usual ‘Don’t stress Mum’! To our utter amazement he pulled the required exam results out of the hat – 2 ‘A’s in Maths and Physics and a ‘B’ in Chemistry – his ‘weak’ subject. Then came University and his first proper time away from home, a little money in his pocket on a regular basis and a whole sea of new people to call ‘friend’!  Freshers week continued from October through to January – I don’t get how they encourage these kids to be always drinking and socialising then let them fall a mighty long way for not studying – how can they study when they are pressured to have this amazing social life? His first exam results weren’t what he expected – you know the thing – little revision and then breeze through the exams to an expected result! He has been playing catch up ever since and tonight, the night before his final, first year exam, this boy who is usually so full of confidence, who has spent the last six weeks cramming for these exams and trying to catch up on all that he missed trying to be the life and soul of the University party, cannot remember what he needs to know to get through tomorrow’s exam. And I cannot help him. All I can do is tell him we love him and what he is experiencing is panic, that when the panic subsides it will all be ok, that he has a good brain and an analytical mind and that won’t desert him when he needs it most: tomorrow when he opens that exam booklet and needs to write his name and academic number in it. Son, you will be fine, take a deep breath and don’t panic.

With thoughts of panic, I have spent my afternoon preparing class packs for my ladies attending Simply Stamping starting Saturday at 10.00 am at Craft World (Scotland) Ltd, in Hillington. All bags are labeled and filled with items for the ladies to make four mini cards and a 3d project. I can hardly breath thinking about it. I have that many lists so I dont forget to take anything I need a secretary to keep me in check. I even got my beloved to do a practice class with a class bag of his own just to make sure the instructions made sense.  He loved it and is taking his ‘make’ to his Mum tomorrow! I did say he could help me with the Christmas cards this years since he enjoyed it so much – he was out the door like a shot!  Oh, well, I guess it will be just me then…

Here is a card I made earlier in the week….

Strength and Hope for my two boys

And finally a prayer goes out to my friend Jen. Her Mum has been taken in to hospital this week and is quite poorly. Please remember her in your prayers and send love to Jen too – it is a terribly difficult time when a parent falls ill – please know we are thinking of you both and send lots of love to you.

A difficult and sad time right now…

So till next time, remember it’s later than you think, get those shoes on and stamp your place in the world! xxx

Oh My, Oh My but it’s just next week! Paleo, Cardio Challenge and Exams – Phew – What a Busy Week!

My head is spinning! I mean literally spinning! I think I am organised but there still seems to be so much left to do! What am I ranting about? My Simply Stamping classes of course!  They start next Saturday and there are lots of lovely ladies coming to spend the morning, or afternoon, with me. It’s really exciting and I so want it to be perfect for them all that I am running around in circles trying to get ready. The scissors and rulers and pencils are packed, the sticky tape, sticky pads, pearls, ‘O’ rings and bling are packed. Technique cards are printed, chopped and hole punched. Recipe leaflets and info-leaflets are printed and ready to go into class bags. I just have the rest of the class bags to fill. I know that I have allocated my day on tuesday to this task but I am still having a panic attack thinking whether I have left myself sufficient time – cos I really want to do some crafting on Tuesday too!  I got some lovely new goodies from SU on Friday and I really want to play with them….What did I get?  Well I got this fabulous new stamp Vintage Vogue which is simply delicious…

Thank you Baja Breeze!

This card features the fabulous Top Note – Exclusive to SU – Bigz die, Vintage Vogue stamp set, The modern label punch (first time I have used this – definitely won’t be the last! Love it’s clean lines) and the rather lovely Vintage Wallpaper – Exclusive to SU – embossing folder, not to mention Baja Breeze, Crumb Cake and Very Vanilla CS with a tiny bit of Pear Pizzaz CS and seem binding ribbon. The flowers are stamped in Baja Breeze and then the edges kissed with a touch of Old Olive – sort of rock and roll technique but slower!  Is this card going to feature in the Simply Stamping Class? Hmmm?! it might…… the next item I have for you will most definitely feature in the Classes (DID YOU BOOK YOUR PLACE? CONTACT ME NOW IF YOU HAVENT!) it’s a simple book mark with magnets inside to hold it in place….

Sunshine Petals

Although a very simple straight forward stamping technique, I think that we spend so much time ‘creating’ wonderful cards that we forget we can create other things – so my ladies will be making one of these in class too! It is made with Pumpkin Pie and Whisper White CS, Printed Petals Stamp set, Daffodil Yellow, Pumpkin Pie and Cajun Craze ink, scalloped circle punch and a little yellow ribbon and an inch of magnetic tape inside. – Cute! although may  change design slightly….

I am really looking forward to these classes, and I hope that each of the groups can bounce idea’s and confidence off each other – I hope I can keep the ladies suitably entertained too!

So Paleo – still at it – still loving it! still only lost 11lbs but at least it is not going back on and my tummy does seem to be going  down round the middle. Where I work we are taking part in something called the Cardio Challenge. It is in conjunction with Nike the sports people. All you have to do is run, walk or crawl in my case, a set distance each week for four weeks and submit your results through an App directly to Nike. So last week my pal Alistair and I did the iWalk – I think it was really a warm up session to see whether we were fit enough for the real thing. We managed 5k brisk walk, straight after a full day on our feet at work!  Pretty impressive eh?  What was more impressive was that neither of us had any muscle fatigue the next day – I was expecting to be on my knees with muscle pain, but NO! I am clearly fitter than I imagined. All those 10k’s and half marathons have obviously left their mark in my muscle memory cos’ I was raring to go when I got back – I am always more ready to go when I have finished than before I start – not sure how that one works out!

Back to next week…..So the Cardio Challenge – starts Sunday and I have committed to doing 40k a week!  Yes – I know, what ever possessed me?! Well, I will tell you what possessed me – Pride! it’s the bain of my life.  In my younger days – not really that long ago – I used to run regularly. In fact in honesty, I stopped running when my Mum died two years ago. Up until then I had regularly run between 30- 50K a week. Not every week if I am honest, but certainly more regularly than once every two years! Now I know that my Mum would be appalled that I had stopped running and that I had stopped right after she died. She had done quite a few competitive races with me including the Bellahouston ladies 10k race, the Lochness 10k and the Edinburgh MoonWalk – this last one whilst dying of lung cancer, although we didn’t know this at the time – she died eight months later. My Mum also stood at the finish line for many of my races, particularly the Polaroid Challenge 10k’s when I was often among the last to come in – she would be there to cheer me on and get me over that finish line at nine o’clock at night! So my Mum would be giving me a right good talking to about now – in fact probably sooner than this. Couple this with my recent fiftieth birthday and that I work with a bunch of athletic young things who all think they are fit. Many of them have opted for the 20k distance. Me? I had to go the extra distance didn’t I?!?! 40k means four 10k’s in a week, or three tens and two 5k’s, or some combination, but it means getting my finger out and actually doing some running! Look out Itunes, here I come for some inspirational music….

And finally, my two sons, six years age difference between them, begin their exams tomorrow. My youngest is in S2 and begins with History, German, Maths, Modern Studies and Business Studies all in one day and my eldest son has two Maths exams over in Durham University where he studies. Good Luck to you both my loves – I know you will both do your very best and have studied hard in preparation. Love to you both xxx

So til next time don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! xxx

So this is me….Reminders….Paleo….and some butterflies….

Hello again – yes this is me…this is me trying to be a bit more regular with my posts….this is also me trying to be more organised and trying to fit a bit more crafting time too! There’s not too much to tell except I spent another afternoon over at CraftWorld on Sunday and met another lot of lovely ladies some of whom were just funny and having a great time and some of whom have signed up for my Simply Stamping classes which start on 21st May at CraftWorld. If you havent got your classes booked yet – please give them or me a call and get booked in quick as places are going fast.  I have nothing left in the 10am slot on the Saturday, about two places in the 1.00pm slot and about four places on the extra class on Tuesday mornings at 10am. I am really excited about these classes and really looking forward to meeting all the lovely ladies who are coming to them and sharing tips and tricks amongst us all. We will of course be sharing the chocolate too!

Just in case you have forgotten – we still have the SU Mini catalogue running – there are some lovely stamps and don’t forget all those EXCLUSIVE Big Shot dies that are available. Remember several of the dies are only available through Stampin’ Up, so give me a call, drop me an email and let me know which ones you really, really want! My contact details are here!

Also remember we have the Big Shot Promo on as well where you could get your BIG SHOT die cutting machine for free! check out my earlier blog here and get YOUR Big Shot for FREE!

Paleo – ahhh – this is still rolling along quite nicely, I have plateaued this week and had a sore tummy – I really think my Beloved is poisoning me slowly!  He took out a new health insurance policy thingy on me recently, then Sunday he had cooked our Sunday dinner, a lovely roast chicken and vegetable dinner.  Monday – all day – my tummy was griping and it lasted right through till this after noon.  If he starts offering me almond fragranced donuts I am going to start panicking! Anyway – this week we begin the excercise round from work where we are doing a Cardio Challenge.  We have to commit to doing so much walking, running (crawling) or jogging per week for four weeks. Hopefully this will kick start the weight loss again…but I will keep you posted!

Now to some butterflies – I still have the delightful Flight of the Butterfly stamp set which I had borrowed from Jen (thank you so much Jen – I really don’t want to give this back and there’s a fantastic punch which goes with it too!!) and managed to very quickly create these two.  This first one is a lift from the SU Idea Book and Catalogue where the stamp set is shown.  I needed a quick, cheerful card for my aunty who has been pretty poorly lately so decided to make my own version of this:

Cheerful Butterflies

It’s made with Daffodil Delight, Pumpkin Pie and Whisper White CS, Daffodil Delight, Pumpkin Pie and Melon Mambo ink and finished with a loving sprinkle of Glamour Dust! Hopefully it will cheer up my Aunty June – she’s eighty this year, bless her!

This next card I have CASEd from here,  I found this when I was looking for inspiration for something else. The original was made by a lady called CathyRose over at SplitCoast Stampers – I just loved it immediately I saw it.  I had to improvise with the colours and ribbon as I don’t yet have all the colours especially the greeny ones but today I placed an order to rectify that. Anyway, Thank you CathyRose – I love your card and hope that you like my version of it.

Thank You Butterflies

This card is made with Night of Navy, Crumb Cake, Daffodil Delight, Pumpkin Pie, Melon Mambo and Whisper White CS, Night of Navy, Daffodil Delight, Pumpkin Pie, Melon Mambo ink, Whisper White SU satin Ribbon, Flight of the Butterfly stamp set, two blue buttons from Big Designer buttons. Oh and a little bling on the tiny flower to the side!

Ok, I think it is now time for bed – I am currently reading a book by Jeffrey Deaver called the Burning Wire about a guy who kills people using electricity – which is a bit spooky cos today – whilst taking a shower all the sockets in my house blew a fuse and I had to re set them all! freaked me out totally!

Until next time….don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! x