Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring, Don’t Panic…a parents’ anguish – a difficult post…

So I think I mentioned that my two boys have exams this week. My youngest is taking a very sanguine approach, only studying – when really pressed – for the subjects that he feels worthy of extra study….those that he will be taking next year. Everything else is a waste of time and space in this boy’s relative brain. We have tried hard to explain that having a broader, successful exam base is a really good idea but no, this boy is so laid back he is almost horizontal! C’est la vie! I have every confidence that he will do fine in the bigger picture and if he ends up not being a doctor (a desire he has held for a long time now) it will be as a result of complete reasoning and exploring his own very expensively educated mind!  I am not really tearing my hair out….honest!

My other son, equally as bright and older, appears to be having his very first exam panic attack. He is away from home at University and there is not a thing I can do to help. This is a boy who has been at the top of his academic game for a long time: as a nine year old I was warned that he may be a gifted child in Maths. At secondary school he was always ahead of every one else. When we moved him to his last and final school they took the disappointing step of dropping him from the top math set to the bottom one based upon his previous schools’ reputation.
Several weeks of boredom and a couple of phone calls saw him being assessed and pretty immediately he was moved through three classes to the top of his year. That first year he was the only child in the school clever enough to get through to the National finals of the Maths Olympiad. His final year in school and studying for Advanced highers in Maths, Physics and Chemistry he gained a girlfriend and stopped studying. Several long talks occurred and the usual ‘Don’t stress Mum’! To our utter amazement he pulled the required exam results out of the hat – 2 ‘A’s in Maths and Physics and a ‘B’ in Chemistry – his ‘weak’ subject. Then came University and his first proper time away from home, a little money in his pocket on a regular basis and a whole sea of new people to call ‘friend’!  Freshers week continued from October through to January – I don’t get how they encourage these kids to be always drinking and socialising then let them fall a mighty long way for not studying – how can they study when they are pressured to have this amazing social life? His first exam results weren’t what he expected – you know the thing – little revision and then breeze through the exams to an expected result! He has been playing catch up ever since and tonight, the night before his final, first year exam, this boy who is usually so full of confidence, who has spent the last six weeks cramming for these exams and trying to catch up on all that he missed trying to be the life and soul of the University party, cannot remember what he needs to know to get through tomorrow’s exam. And I cannot help him. All I can do is tell him we love him and what he is experiencing is panic, that when the panic subsides it will all be ok, that he has a good brain and an analytical mind and that won’t desert him when he needs it most: tomorrow when he opens that exam booklet and needs to write his name and academic number in it. Son, you will be fine, take a deep breath and don’t panic.

With thoughts of panic, I have spent my afternoon preparing class packs for my ladies attending Simply Stamping starting Saturday at 10.00 am at Craft World (Scotland) Ltd, in Hillington. All bags are labeled and filled with items for the ladies to make four mini cards and a 3d project. I can hardly breath thinking about it. I have that many lists so I dont forget to take anything I need a secretary to keep me in check. I even got my beloved to do a practice class with a class bag of his own just to make sure the instructions made sense.  He loved it and is taking his ‘make’ to his Mum tomorrow! I did say he could help me with the Christmas cards this years since he enjoyed it so much – he was out the door like a shot!  Oh, well, I guess it will be just me then…

Here is a card I made earlier in the week….

Strength and Hope for my two boys

And finally a prayer goes out to my friend Jen. Her Mum has been taken in to hospital this week and is quite poorly. Please remember her in your prayers and send love to Jen too – it is a terribly difficult time when a parent falls ill – please know we are thinking of you both and send lots of love to you.

A difficult and sad time right now…

So till next time, remember it’s later than you think, get those shoes on and stamp your place in the world! xxx


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