AAArrggghh! Its tomorrow already! My Name is Jonathon, Paleo and a few of my favourite things…

Can you believe it? Me either! So for those who have skipped a few posts: Tomorrow is the start of the Simply Stamping classes over at Craft World (Scotland) Ltd, at Hillington. I have prepared myself into oblivion! My bags are all packed and waiting by the door. All I need to do now is go there and deliver the class! Easy!  Yeah…right. So will I get to sleep? I doubt it. Am I nervous? Too right I am! Will I get over it? sometime around 3.30pm tomorrow afternoon I might…..   Seriously though….I have done all class bags, I have cut ribbon, card stock and pearls into portion sizes, everything is ready and waiting for those lovely ladies to turn up and be entertained. I am really looking forward to it so fingers crossed that it all turns out alright…I will let you know and if it doesnt look like its going well…I will just tell them my name is Jonathon!

Paleo – still going brilliantly, twelve pounds now and when I go to work on Monday I will be wearing a large ladies (fitted) tshirt instead of a large unisex one. You will have seen me in it, I am the one that looks like a rather large blue sack with sufficient room for two people in it, especially in the sleeves, waist, shoulder and boob area. Oh – you are right, that’s pretty much everywhere then! Also Monday the Cardio Challenge begins – 40k a week for six weeks. Yep, I know. I though it was for only four weeks too, but just think how much different I might look in six weeks instead of four…..

And what you came here for – some crafting…..

Vintage in Gold

This first card is made with the Springtime Vintage stamp set from the mini (see right hand side!). I made the centre piece pretty much as soon as I got the stamp set – I wanted to see how it would perform and I sat with the stamped image in front of me for weeks before deciding to turn it into a card. The ribbon didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped so if there is anyone out there who could teach me how to ruffle up my ribbon – please get in touch!

Flowers in Purple

This one I just had to make. I love this Exclusive to SU Bigz L die cutter – I cut the flowers out then ran them through my BigShot inside the Exclusive to SU Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder. I love the depth of texture it gives. I then attached it to a piece of card stock which went through the BigShot inside the Exclusive to SU Elegant Bouquet embossing folder. I also liberally spritzed everything with Glamour Dust but that hasn’t shown up as well as I had hoped – sorry.

Pink Vintage

 I would love to take all the credit for this little number but I would feel very bad about it if I did. Whilst I have created this card in Pretty in Pink and Early Espresso there is an original that I CASEd this card from.

Pink Vintage

You can see the original here although I am going to purchase the instructions, for the rest of the set for us to make, that Jenny made although hers are in a totally different colour way. If you visit Jenny’s page you have to scroll about half way down to get to the area where the original is.  Isn’t her work lovely? I was bowled over by the crisp and clean lines that she makes. Love those designs!

And finally….

Baja Flowers

I realised that, although I really love the Top Note die, I am not using it an awful lot so I made a concerted effort to make a card using it this week. And this is the result. I love the blingy bits on the big flower but they don’t show off the sparkle in the photo as much as I would have liked.

OK – off to try to get some sleep now. I have packed my camera, so with permission from my ladies I will take some pics and let you know how it has gone….till next time don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! xxx


2 thoughts on “AAArrggghh! Its tomorrow already! My Name is Jonathon, Paleo and a few of my favourite things…

  1. lovely cards, lorraine!!

    thanks for popping by and commenting! and yes, i used a ruler for my gel pen stitiching; otherwise, it would be sooo crooked. a cork backed steel ruler stays put nicely. 🙂

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