Extra, Extra! learn how to get it…Whoosh and it’s gone!…ATC’s, Stamp Club and Paleo/Cardio Challenge

Extra! Extra!!  Want an extra £20 to spend on SU goodies? me too! and you can have that on top of your usual Hostess gift and money to spend on lovely SU delights right from our extensive range of goodies simply by either placing an order or getting together with your pals to place an order for £250 or more and the Extra is all yours. Remember you can email me or phone an order in – you don’t need to hold a demo event at your home but if you want to just give me a call and I will be happy to come over for coffee and crafting!

Stamp Club – Alternatively what about joining one of my stamp clubs? these have proved amazingly popular and I currently have two places left on my Stamping Ten club and one place left on my Stamping Six club.  How does it work? Simple – you choose what you would like to purchase from the amazing Ideas and Catalogue book then commit to purchase £25 worth of goodies for either six months (stamping Six Club) or £15 worth of goodies for ten months (stamping Ten club). During that time you will be ‘hostess’ one particular month and receive all the benefits of being Hostess which includes a FREE hostess stamp set of your choice from the Hostess pages plus £15 to spend on whatever you would like from the catalogues. What a Bargain! Drop me an email and don’t miss your place on one of these clubs!

Whoosh! – So where did that week go?  One minute I was posting to my blog, creating class packs for my Lovely Ladies in my classes, packing to go visit my Dad for the bank holiday weekend and the next minute the weekend was three days ago, the class packs have been distributed, the classes are over for that week and it is almost time for the next ones! What a week! Friday last was busy finishing class packs and packing to go down to see my Dad. My Mum died just over two years ago and Dad is on his own down in Lincolnshire still in the house he lived in with my Mum for thirty five years. He has emptied and closed off rooms as the house is pretty big and he cannot afford to heat all the rooms but I think there is an element of them bringing too many memories for him too. We go down to him but he comes up more often. His house is now up for sale but the market being what it is he hasn’t had much interest yet – it will change. So we had a great weekend with him, my eldest boy went down on the train on the Friday and we arrived en masse late saturday night – its a six hour journey and we didn’t leave till i had finished my afternoon class. All of a sudden it was Monday afternoon and time for us to leave. It felt very sad because Dad had had a house full and all of a sudden it was empty again.

Tuesday whizzed by as well with my Tuesday Morning class, a trip to Sainsbury and preparing materials for this weeks classes!  then on Wednesday I got a call form the estate agents to say they had someone interested in looking round OUR house (did I mention we are up for sale too? obviously we want Dad to come live with us but we need a slightly bigger place to give him some privacy) and not half an hour later but Dad rings me to say he has someone coming to view HIS house on Friday – talk about coincidence! So being the crafter that I am last night was spent getting the remains of the class packs ready and tonight has been spent cleaning – from top to bottom! I work in the day and don’t get home until seven so I really only have the evenings to do the cleaning and I really want my home to look lovely for someone to look round. Fingers crossed! Ideally we would like to move to a village just a couple of miles away where my youngest goes to school and I guess we will need to start looking in earnest now!

Whilst I was down at Dad’s I happened to get an email from a friend down there who owns her own Craft shop – Running with Scissors is an amazing place and I have had the pleasure of attending some of Tracey’s craft/card making and scrapbook page classes – they are truly amazing and Tracey is incredibly talented. But the thing I love most is that Running with Scissors runs it’s very own ATC swap club. Now if you have never done an ATC let me warn you it is addictive! ATC’s are only 2 1/2′ x 3 1/2′ in size and are a reflection of your artistic style. Often times, places that run these swaps will suggest a theme for each month and this months theme at Running with Scissors is recycling. So this is what I made:

Recycle - Reuse

Remember each of these is only 2 1/2′ x 3 1/2′ in size. What did I recycle? well I ‘borrowed’ some of Dad’s garden twine, and the centres of the flowers are scrunched up Ferrero Roche foils. I screwed them up then mashed them down with the flat of my scissors, shaped them round and stuck them down! I think they came out pretty well. Fancy starting our own ATC swap?  me too! Drop me an email and we will see what the interest is like for creating these cool little devils!

Paleo and Cardio Challenge Paleo has been great again this week – maintained that one stone loss so very happy with that! Still loving the simplicity although a rather large bag of Sports Mixtures did creep into the shopping trolley at Sainsbury! Cardio Challenge is proving a little more difficult! The weather has been atrocious until tonight when the sun shone all the way home from work but I couldn’t take advantage as I needed to get one with cleaning! I will make huge efforts from Saturday! I promise.

So very little  crafting done this week but I have some great ideas for next week and will hopefully get lots of crafting done Saturday night and Sunday – my Beloved is wanting to play golf Saturday so he will sleep through Saturday night after all that fresh air! and Sunday unfortunately the weather is due to turn again! Get the brollies out again girls!

Till next time – don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! xxx


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