A Couple of Tutorials…More of what my girls made…

So lots of my girls have asked me about using Copic marker, Pro Marker pens and PrismaColor/Coloursoft pencils to illustrate their stamps and whether we could manage to ‘drop’ a quick colouring session into our six weeks Simply Stamping classes. Sadly, I had already put the programme together and no matter where I try to budge things to there just doesn’t seem to be any spare space to pop a session into. I will most definitely have a colouring session in our second set of classes. But to keep you going until then I have put together a couple of very quick tutorials using Copic markers and PrismaColor/Coloursoft pencil. Copics are my favourite as they blend really nicely but I really love PrismaColor/Coloursoft pencils for a soft finish and I have included a quick tutorial using these with Zest-It blending solution too!  So head to the links below and it should take to you to those pdf’s.  I would also recommend that you visit this place here where Jennifer McGuire does a far better job of explaining than I do – I learnt from her! The following card shows how simple it is to get really great results for very little effort but here is a clue to those great results with the Copics – choose your lightest colour to start with, go next with your medium colour followed by your darkest colour, then reverse!

Fast and Fabulous

So light, medium, dark, medium, light in that order!

Copic Pen Tutorial

Prismacolor Tutorial

                                                                                                        Here are some more homework pieces from my lovely girls. I am thrilled that they all took this homework to heart – all I asked was that they stamp onto their bags prior to putting it together and to dress it up and Boy! Did they do well?!  I can’t wait to see what they do this week!

Blue Fishy Bag
More Blue fishy bag
Black crystal card bag
Pink Cat Mask Bag with Flowers
Shopping Girl
Shopping girl 2

Presents with Glitter

Aren’t they all just fabulous!  I love them all – thank you girls!

                                                                                                                             Right heading back to some more card making – sadly, I have a couple of Condolence cards to make as an Uncle of mine has died this week after repeated illness. My thoughts are with his family – my cousins.

Until next time don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! xxx


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