It’s a long one….Condolences….gardens….teenage sons and packing! What’s your weekend been like?

I didnt think I had much to say today but seems I do. If you are struggling to sleep at night, this post is for you!                                                                                                                                                  I mentioned previously that I was making condolences cards. This is not something I am particularly good at I am afraid.  I feel like I don’t come across as sincere as I would like although to be honest I was very pleased with the Thank You cards I made following my Mum passing away. I will share one sometime, they still make me pretty sad at the moment but I made them in lilac colours which were my Mum’s favourite. I thought I would share this one with you as I tried to use a totally different ‘stamping’ method for it.

Because I Care

I used the rather beautiful ‘Because I Care’ stamp set for this and coloured the stamp with Concord Crush, Marina Mist and Blushing Bride marker pens, the leaves are Pear Pizazz marker pen too! I then huffed onto the stamp before stamping the image onto my card stock. I also stamped and cut out some individual petals and leaves to layer up.                                                                                                                                       Today it managed to not rain long enough to get some plants in the beds at the front of my house. My beloved and I bought these plants at the beginning of May! and every time we have been free to plant them it has been raining heavily, when it has been dry we have been at work! So this afternoon my youngest and I headed out, trowels in hand to get these plants planted. There were about 25 of them to go in of various sizes ranging from little tiny Viola’s to a couple of relatively mature Rhododendrons. Just as we were watering that last into place we started to feel spits of rain….then came the deluge and it hasn’t stopped raining since! Thank you Lord for the three hours respite to get those plants in place. When it stops raining again I will take a picture of how lovely they all look…I think I have a really good flash on my camera for those odd night shots…..!                                                              

If you are a parent, this is every parents nightmare. As you know I have two sons, both teenagers. My eldest son is away at Uni and just about to finish his first year. It has not all been plain sailing for him however but I think he will ultimately do fine – he is no quitter and will work hard for a result…I think. Anyway, Friday I got a text from him saying ‘I love you Mum x’. In itself not too concerning but remember he is nineteen. And at Uni. I text back among other things ‘And I love you too son’. I included a couple of questions and waited for the answers. And waited. And waited.    By tea time I was concerned. By nine o’clock I had text him again, emailed him, ichatted him and checked his face book account. Nothing! I rang him and left a message as his phone was switched off…’It’s Mum, ring me back…I don’t care what time it is’. By eleven I was really worried, I had imagined every type of suicide possible and every sort of trouble a nineteen year old could get himself into and not be able to call his Mum. At around ten past eleven the phone rang and it was my son cheerfully asking ‘Hi Mum, everything okay?  Was just at a formal do so had my phone switched off’.   I relaxed… a little! ‘So what was the text about this afternoon?’  He began laughing. Its a good thing he was on the phone cos I might have throttled him at this point. ‘Oh that was nothing Mum, just one of the boys thought it would be a great laugh to pinch everyones phone and text the parents to see what their reaction would be.  But don’t worry Mum, yours was the best!’  What did the other parents say I asked….”Oh they came back with “is everything ok” “do you want your Dad to come over” you know the kind of stuff, really concerned.  But not you Mum, you nailed it! He thought “What have you done, what are you about to do and how much is it going to cost?” was just brilliant!’     My son is home in a week. I am going to fetch him. He might not make it past the journey home.  

My other son is heading away for a weeks residential trip with his school. Its an outward bound thing and just the kind of trip my boys love. We got the equipment list home and it reads like the one Scott will have made before he headed in to Arctic! A quick trip to Primark, an evening spent packing and we are all set. I cannot believe the value you get in that store. We bought loads and it still came to very little. I realise it’s not high quality but this is an activity trip: if it all needs binning when he gets home, so be it. He is so excited about it all and it’s another of those events that fills me with dread. I have a very vivid imagination I am afraid, particularly where my boys safety is concerned.  I will keep you posted on how I am coping…..                                                         This next card is that most favourite of stamp sets Strength and Hope. I just love this one. Purchasing this stamp set will generate a donation directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation so don’t wait around – if you haven’t bought it yet, DROP ME AN EMAIL and support this fantastic cause.     This time I have done it in Pear Pizazz, Whisper White and Early Espresso. The punch is a Martha Stewart one – I just felt it needed something large and bold. The ribbon is of course the rather beautiful Pear Pizazz seam binding ribbon.

Strength and Hope

And finally an inspired card: The original is from here and created by the very talented Kerin Sylvester. I love Kerins’ work and am always inspired by it, When I saw this one I thought hhmmm?! I really like that.  I had to change some bits: the background papers, but I loved the ‘ageing’; the flower papers and the ribbon colours, but my favourite bit is the Tiny Tags sentiment! I just got this stamp set and I love it already.  It has so many potential applications!

Tiny Tags Big Flowers

Okay, so it’s time for me to head to bed…finally. The old limbs are beginning to ache a little after my time in    the garden and I can feel the potential for further aching tomorrow. Gardening does that to me! I need to bet my little blessing to his school bus ready for his trip in the morning so the make up won’t be going on till I get to work – I always cry!  I am just a silly old softy!                                                                                               In the next blog I will be showing off my girls amazing talents again – their homework this week was pretty spectacular so look out for that! But until next time remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx


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