I feel like Bruce Forsyth but…..Didn’t they do well?!

So my crafting girls had homework again. This time they had to make something out of two die cut pieces but they needed to stamp something, anything, on them. Here is how they did!

Pink Bag
Fern stamp Bag
Sea Horses
Yellow Flower Bag
Yellow Flower Bag
Wee Mice
Cup Cakes
Flower Book Mark
Puffin Book Mark
Japanese Girl in a Box
Japanese Girl in a Box
Aligator Mail
Yellow Box
Pink and Turquoise Bag
Monochrome Butterfly
Monochrome Bird
Monochrome Heart
Monochrome Flowers

What fantastic designs! I love each and every one of them and the magnificent effort they all have put in to these. Everyone has worked hard to get these done and really come up trumps with them – I am so proud!

This next weeks home work is really going to be something  and I cant wait to see what they do with it – another 3d project with stamping!


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