Do you Wanna Be in My Gang? ….

So lots of you crafty girls have been making the most amazing cards and projects using your fantastic Stampin Up products and you seem to absolutely love them! Who wouldn’t? They are brilliant stamps! They stamp clean and crisp every single time and give superb results for making your cards and projects special…every single time! WhooHoo! But would you like to have more Stampin Up products? Would you like to buy them for yourself at a discounted price? without any commitment to do anything more? Would you like to earn a little bit of money for yourself doing something you already love to do? ie CRAFT!

Well, thats exactly how I got started. Think you haven’t got what it takes? I can assure you, if you love to craft, that is ALL it takes! NO! you do not have to go and do workshops! I do them because I love meeting all you lovely ladies and showing you what Stampin Up can offer. NO! you do not have to meet a target each month, I offer my stamp clubs for you ladies who want to make a small but regular purchase. NO! you do not have to go into peoples homes and demonstrate. I have not done that but I have had the occasional couple of girls over to mine for a craft evening which is great fun! We got loads made, drank lots of tea, ate loads of biscuits and talked and giggled for hours! Great Fun!

What’s in it for you? Good question. Well to begin with you get to buy the ‘starter kit’ which is chock full of amazing things but better still you can also choose what comes in your starter kit! The value of the starter kit is £230 BUT you only pay £119!! Yes that is amazing! and Yes I did hand pick the contents of mine choosing just the things I felt I would use because when I started out I intended to just be a ‘Discount demonstrator’ which means that what I really wanted was to be able to purchase my Stampin Up products at a discounted price and if any of my pals wanted to buy as well then I could get them their products at a discounted price too! Does this all sound too good to be true? Thats what I thought until I got a copy of the small print and read it for myself. I now fit my demonstratorship round my ‘proper’ job, round my home and my family. I only do as much or as little as I can fit in and want to do: so some months I do nothing at all! And I am under no obligation to do more.

Did I mention that in November I am going to DisneyLand Paris to the Annual Stampin Up convention? Would you like to come too? Its not too late….

And now I am looking for one person to come and join me and be part of my team. I am looking for one person who wants a flexible way to earn a little extra income doing what she loves doing most – Crafting!

What have you got to lose? If you purchase the starter kit for £119 there is no more commitment necessary from you, nothing to pay back and no penalities for not purchasing any more products. The goods in the starter kit are valued at £230 so you are getting £110 worth of goods for FREE before you even start AND if you place an order for £150+ within your first 45 days of signing you can earn a MASSIVE 30% discount on the net sales. Your favourite stamp set for 30% off? Yes it’s true!

If you are beginning to think this is too good an opportunity to miss, give me a call and we can chat some more about it – there is no hidden obligation I promise! call me on 01505 842550 or drop me an email and I will answer all your questions. Do YOU wanna be in my gang? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Whether you decide to call or not remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx


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