Good Grief! where did the time go…? and whats next?

I cannot believe that we have now finished week five of our Simply Stamping course but we have and my girls have come so far  in so short a time. This week we finish our final project: an eight page booklet with pockets. The girls actually folded their booklets this last week and in our final session they are going to use all the techniques they have learned so far to decorate the booklet and fill in the pockets. The inserts are approximately ATC size so not too big to be overly daunting – nothing my girls cannot cope with!  Here is their home work from this week – again they have, without exception, surpassed themselves! 

Silver WeddingTurquoise Bouquet
Golden Mask

Perfect Flowers

Pink Wishes

Brayered Leaves

Seashell Coral

Golden Trees

All Squared

Cute to a T

Rainy Days

Blue Miracle

Dad's Travel

Clean and Simple

SeaHorse Trio

There isn’t one of these amazing designs that I wouldn’t be thrilled to receive! The girls work incredibly hard to ‘do their homework’ each week and produce spectacular results every time!  I am so looking forward to their finished mini books too!

Now I have featured my girls work heavily but please don’t think I am not creating myself – I am. I am working on the next six week Simply Stamping session, a one off Stamp camp and also preparing some blogs for whilst I am away.  Did I not mention that I was have a wee break? My Beloved, two boys and myself are flying off to the Cape Verde islands next week for a brief sit in the sunshine. I bought a sun top at the beginning of May and it feels like it has rained ever since so we are off for a break from the rain! I am preparing a couple of posts for you in my absence, just to keep you going and a delightful new card shape for you to learn how to do as well – so watch this space!

I mentioned a stamp camp just there so here is a little more detail although there is still lots to work out yet; it’s going to be towards the end of July, it will feature one of the fantastic new stamp sets from the summer mini so will be a Mid Summer Stamp Camp! We will make  four to six cards, a possible scrap book page and at least one 3d project. The venue and cost are still in the process of being ironed out but please start to let me know if this is something you would be interested in attending – the more the merrier and of course it will be a longer session than usual to get all that amazing crafting done!

Okay, need to go create some more before withdrawal symptoms set in! so till next time remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx


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