I was so excited I forgot the Challenge!

I was so excited over the classes I forgot the challenge! How crazy is that!  

Ok here is the challenge – Using the attached sketch as a guide create a card using summery colours. No, I don’t mind what you consider to be summer colours, just no black, no grey and no clouds! Ha Ha Ha! I am so very fed up of rain I just want some summer sun now!

Sketch 1  You should be able to click on this link, then on the next page it simply says “Sketch 1” click there and the pdf should (!) just open showing you a sketch of the card challenge.  If you have never followed a sketch before that’s ok. What it will give you is a basic outline to follow, so in this sketch, you have a basic card shape and then a couple of layers in different shapes. The idea is that you use it as a guide to get you started on a project. You can follow it strictly or not so strictly – both will be right – it is merry a guide. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. If you are lucky enough to have a phone with a camera, or know how to upload pictures to your emails, please feel free to forward or email me a picture of your creation – I will be delighted to see them all and will post my design here in the next couple of days.

So go get creating – summer colours and the sketch – until next time remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx



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