While I am away….

So I had intended that whilst I was away there would be a couple of posts to keep you going. Sadly, and as I have mentioned previously, my technological abilities are not Keats as good as I think they are! This is one of those occasions.
Fortunately, I do have my iPad with me and was able to spot that my expected posts actually hadn’t posted. So I am going to attempt to post from my iPad out here in the Cape Verde Islands. Bear with me. The Internet here is sketchy at best and very expensive at worst!

20110705-092408.jpgThis first pic is the view across from our hotel room, nice huh?! It is lovely here but quite windy and unfortunately, I managed to burn on the first day despite liberally lathering in factor 30! My eyes swelled up and I looked like I had done ten rounds with Joe Bugner!
Okay, onto some crafting! I do have some crafting stuff I can share with you despite being all this far away.
These two following cards are part of a set I began before I came away, they feature gorgeous citrus colours and the fantastic Build a Blossom stamp set which fortunately also features a handy punch cos that is am awful lot of leaves!


I don’t think I have posted these cards before. Now something rather exciting! I have managed to find a craft class. Yep right here is the Cape Verde Islands, a craft class! I have learnt a new technique as well, something rather exciting and that I think not only will you love but will make a fantastic class for christmas! I cannot wait to show it to you, but you will have to wait-sorry!
Right until next time remember to stamp your place in the world! Xxx


2 thoughts on “While I am away….

  1. Tracey Moon

    hi Lorraine our internet is a bit wonky too , burnt silly! crafting with the gypsy in fuerteventura ,no classes 😦 i cant wait for our class to start again , have fun , love tracey x

    1. Hey Tracey! That’s fantastic that you are still crafting away- you will need to teach me how the Gypsey works – I have the big machine and seldom use it! Shame really. Sunburn has now turned to red/brown and now I am home the colour is leaching away rapidly! I think I need another holiday to top me up! Classes will resume very soon and watch your email over next two weeks for exciting news! See you soon and enjoy rest of your hols. Love Lorraine xxx

      Sent from my iPad

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