Stamp Ccamp

So my whole week is focused on Stamp Camp! It is so exciting! We have quite  few ladies coming who have been at my classes and it will be a total delight to see them again and we have a few new faces too which is always great news!  I can’t wait to get there on Saturday and get set up and get started!

Not booked your place yet? Don’t worry…its not too late. Drop me an email and let me know you are coming so that I have a class pack prepared ready. Unfortunately your stamp set will not be there on Saturday. The cut off point for that was yesterday. But if you don’t mind waiting a week for your free set, head over on Saturday and we will get some crafting done!

Hasn’t this been a glorious week food weather! I am totally amazed each day when I head out for lunch how sunny and warm it is. And yet my thoughts have been turning to Christmas. I have begun to write the details for the Simply Stamping Christmas classes and am pretty switched on to what we are going to be up to. I have a brand new technique which can be incorporated into cards, 3d projects or one social project I am hoping to roll out as part of our Simply Stamping Christmas class. Think you would be interested? That’s great news. Just pop me an email and i will place you on our class list for that but don’t forget we will be doing More Simply Stamping before that so reserve your place now by emailing me on  I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time don’t forget to stamp your place in the world! and see you at either our Saturday session or the Tuesday one!xxx


2 thoughts on “Stamp Ccamp

  1. tracey moon

    Hi Lorraine , Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for our fun packed day at stamp camp. Gillian & I had a great day and I know the rest girls did too.Hope we can have more of these days in the future.
    Speak with you soon,
    Lovely to see you again and meet Emma and the rest of the Stampin up girls


    1. Thank you Tracey! I am so pleased you enjoyed it! It’s the first one I have organised and I think it went pretty well, all things considered.

      It would be great to do more days like this and will get cracking on the ‘Retiral Party’ event as soon as I have written the Simply Stamping classes which are to start mid August! Time to pull the finger out I suspect!

      Emma mentioned you would like a chat around the start up kit? That would be amazing if you were to join me! I cannot stress enough that there is no pressure to be ‘selling’, nor to do workshops, classes or demo parties! I do them because I enjoy doing them. Drop me an email and let me know a time that is good for us to meet up and we can chat more about it.

      So glad you enjoyed it yesterday – so did I!


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