How hard they work….Ohh! la la! Paris!

So the girls have been working really hard in class lately, not that they don’t normally, but they have been doing exceptionally well! Here’s how they did….

20111116-111519.jpg this was our 3d homework, the girls had a template to work with and had to finish and decorate their boxes….

20111116-111641.jpg. Everyone’s was different, but all had worked hard using different techniques to decorate….

20111116-111739.jpg aren’t they just wonderful?
So last Saturday, I did an emergency dash to Arbroath. A lovely lady had got a charity event booked and unfortunately her demo was unable to make it. My pal Lorraine McOrmack and myself stepped in. Headed out to Arbroath and had a wonderful afternoon with the hostess Liz Ballantyne and around eighteen other crafting ladies. It was an amazing afternoon, we had loads of crafting, a scrap book page….

20111116-112109.jpg which was quite challenging for me! And a beautiful Christmas card from the other Lorraine. My apologies for not having a pic of that, it really was elegant, and I will try and get one. The ladies and Liz kept Lorraine and I well supplied with tea and cake all afternoon and what’s more exciting they have invited us to go back too! So a big thank you to everyone who we met for making us so very welcome and we are already excited for our next visit! Thanks to Lorraine also for dropping everything to head out with me and help me save the day!
Time for some more makes from my girls…

20111116-112532.jpg. The brief for this homework was to put the timer on and make a card in 30 minutes or less including getting your equipment out. Didn’t they do well?

20111116-112725.jpg. I ove very thing these girls do, they are quick a talented bunch…

20111116-112827.jpg ….

Okay, so as you know, I am heading to Paris this week, so I am hoping to have loads to show and tell. I will be taking my iPhone and iPad with me so will try and post straight from the show. I am going with MB and our youngest boy so will definitely be going into the Disney parks…..can’t wait!
So till next time. Remember to stamp your place in the world! Xxx


One thought on “How hard they work….Ohh! la la! Paris!

  1. Lorraine

    Our Saturday turned out to be a great day meeting a lot of lovely ladies and I can’t wait until we do it again Lorraine, I put your suggestion about the mini to her and she liked the idea. Have a great time in Paris wish I could be there roll on next year.


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