So that was another two and a bit weeks that slipped by me unnoticed!  And boy have I been busy…I have had two classes, an overnight at work (in my ‘other’ job!), prepped for a big class this coming weekend, driven down to Durham and back for my eldest son and his car load of kit and caboodle, made gazillions of cupcakes for my youngest son to sell at school (why have the school not yet picked up on this?), watched my washing machine die today (right in front of my eyes!) and I still have no oven – three weeks without one!  Anyway, down to business, what you really want to know is WHEN is the next class, are there still places and what have the girls been making… Well the next class is the Technique Tornado Day this coming Saturday – 24th March and YES there are a couple of places left. In this class the focus is on techniques rather than finished items, all instructions are given so you can take the project home for finishing. If you would like to join us over at Table Table head over to the right hand side of my blog and sign up – places are first come first served. Don’t be disappointed – book today! What have the girls been making Lorraine, I hear you ask…Well…. here goes… The first card up uses the Every Bunny stamp set and was coloured in with SU water Colour Wonder crayons and a water brush. I was very impressed with the finish these wax and water crayons gave – almost velvety.   This second card is a CASE from the wonderful Valitaover in OZ. I love her three D images and flowers they are truly a work of art.   So what did the girls do for their home work? Ah well there brief was to emboss but it must be used as a focal point rather than a back ground – here is how they did and I am sure you will be as inspired by there creations as I was….

a fabulous fold card
lovely flower, gorgeous background!
Wonderful colours on the stamping here
loving the embossed centre piece
super Christmas images here
wonderfully hand coloured embossed butterfly's

So this weeks techniques included using blending brushes….

Chocolate Mice

Brayering and VersMark with glossy card stock. (apologies for the shabby picture)…

Pink Butterflies

The girls homework was a TIC TAC TOE choice – they had a choice of nine items to chose from and they had to pick three…

ribbon blue glitter
blue ribbon glitter

Weren’t they just gorgeous? 

And finally remember that there are places available this Saturday – just book your seat and I will have your class pack waiting for you to make some wonderful projects!  

Until next time…remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx


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