Holiday Mini…..Holiday Mini….Holiday Mini…..

Hello Girls
I am soooooo excited! I’ve seen it! and I’ve got my paper copy of the new Holiday Mini Seasonal Catalogue in my hands! ……Swoon…. I got a bit giddy and couldn’t concentrate for a while afterward my first look through, but I have perused it several times now…..And I am still excited.  Us Stampin’ Up! demonstrators have got ours already and it’s going to be available to you from 1st September.
It is amazing, my head is buzzing with ideas and opportunities and I wish I could share it all with you right now….. My Mojo is definitely raring to go!
If you were a demo you would be able to see it so why not join my Stampin’ Up! team right now????  I definitely think that August is one of the best months of the year to become a demo.  Here’s why……….
If you join in August your first quarterly minimum does not need to be met till the end of January 2013.
That means you get  your Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit with £130 worth of any goods of your choice to play with over the Summer, through the Autumn and right into the thick of Winter.  
Mid-August you get to pre-order lots of new items from the new seasonal catalogue at 30% discount. 
1st September you can sell these products to your customers along with offering them the items from the Last Chance/Retired Lists. 
You can then pre-order from the new main catalogue which is then released on 1st October. 
Whilst having one of the best and busiest times of the year to grow your business and capitalise on all the lovely new products coming our way….
Want to do it all for yourself?  Not a problem – that’s how I got started, by being a ‘hobby’ demo and only buying at a great discount for myself.
I don’t do pushy, just answer openly and honestly to see if becoming a demo is right for you……
Join Stampin Up
Want to have a chat about it? Email me at or call me on 07581561358. I’d love to hear from you.
Dont forget to stamp YOUR place in the world! xxx

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