Phew …. I nearly missed it!

Goodness me but I got so wrapped up in the Olympics I almost forgot to tell you about next weeks Technique Tornado Day!

Technique Tornado Day – Sat 18th August – Table Table, Pheonix Park, Linwood – 10.00 AM  Start…..What are we making? OOOOH! well this months delight is chosen by Lynne who wanted to make a mini book or album… we are making two!  The first is designed by the lovely Bekka Prideaux (link here). When I first saw this it was done by Bekka in lovely Christmas papers from a couple of seasons ago, all I have done is update the paper….

Bekka Prideaux – Mini Book
Bekka Prideaux – Mini Book
Bekka Prideaux Mini Book



Thank you so much Bekka! ( if you are wondering at the camera angles – well that is me trying to be clever (!) and give you snippets and tasters of these delicious projects!)

The next is an album and was given to me by the lovely and talented Fiona Duthie (link here). The first time I made this I was terrified as it seemed so complicated.  I have made severa dozen since then and love it. I am no longer terrified by it and find it one of the easiest albums to make now. It is so impressive and lends itself to any occasion.

Fiona Duthie Mini Album
Fiona Duthie Mini Album
Fiona Duthie Mini Album
Fiona Duthie Mini Album

I know that Fiona has made lots of these too including both wedding and Christmas albums. It really is delicious. Thank you to you too Fiona (or Princess Fiona as she is crafting royalty!).

If you would like to join us for these two brilliant makes then either drop me an email at or use the little Technique Tornado Day Paypal button up there on the right hand side. You will be made very welcome!

Phew – cant believe I nearly missed it – clearly I am NOT as fast as Usain Bolt!  Havent the olympics been fantastic? It is all so very nearly over and I wonder what I will be doing at seven o’clock each night next week? Well, I have a bit of an idea what I might be doing…

Until next time….remember to stamp your place in the world! xxxx


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