Breaking News…..Breaking News…..Breaking News….

Grab a coffee or cuppa Girls cos this is a Good News day!!!!

As you know we moved house just before Christmas and obviously because we moved 100 miles away I had to give up my job.  To say things have been difficult would be wrong as I think most people are finding things difficult, but it has not been easy. Now, I am pleased to say – I have a new job!!!!! I am going to work in the Civil service (can’t say what exactly but have to sign Non Disclosure thingummy!!!!)  I am sooooo pleased. The new job starts later in the month so there may be odd times later on when I am absent….Yes, I know but more absent than I am now.

Next bit of good news!!!! yes…there’s more!  I am delighted to tell you that I have been invited and accepted the opportunity to join a Design Team!!!! YaaaaaaY Go Me!!!! this means that I will design a project each month for Lisa Ditzie Horton’s Blog ‘That Craft Place’.  See the banner on the side.  I am soooo pleased! 

What does this mean for Stampdelicious? Well to be fair I think the combination  of the job and the design team place means that I have to be much better organised! Obviously my time will be split in different ways to how it is now but when I first embarked upon Stampdelicious I worked full time so essentially it will be about getting some routine going and being better at managing my time – something that we crafters are usually pretty good at! The Stampdelicious by Stamp club will continue however I will be including a few more pics on the blog which are not totally Stampin’ Up! 

Now the not so good stuff – oh! yes – there is always not so good stuff. As a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator we have to work within rules. This is not a problem. Not to me who generally does not like to break rules. I am not normally known for breaking or bending rules – thats just me – boring. I have never seen much good ever come from it. Last year I very nearly lost my demo-ship because a fellow demo felt it was her place to report me to Stampin’ Up! for something she believed I did which was breaking Stampin’ Up! rules. She was right but what I did was to try and enable me to get away from another demo – her. Now I know that she will now be looking for any other rule breaking that I might do. And taking on this Design Team role could very well contravene the rules again however in order to make sure that no one ever, ever has the chance of making my life as miserable and painful as that demo did, I have already been in touch with Stampin’ Up! compliance team and together we are finding the balance which allows me to do the Design Team for Lisa and stay within Stampin’ Up! rules.  Should anyone feel that they have any concerns on this matter, I would ask them to forward their concerns to Catherine Schneider of the Compliance team on the following email: 

Okay the more fun stuff….the first challenge for ‘That Craft Place’ blog is posted on Sunday so I am busy preparing for that – it does include some Stampin’ Up! products – I would find it difficult to make a project without SU being involved somewhere now. 

Right – before I go – here is a little sneak peak of something I am working on right now for a class of Crafters happening at the end of the month: Glasvegas or to give it it’s official title The Tartan Stampers Mini Convention, held in Glasgow. this is the event where 30 or so crafters/demonstrators pitch up at a hotel and bring our crafting kits with us and spend the weekend crafting, chatting and generally having a great time. It’s too late for this one, but you could join us for the next one….Just drop me a line on and we can chat about it further…Dress up Framelits image0212

For my Stampdelicious by Stamp girls – yes we will be doing this project in Aprils kit….

Until next time, remember to stamp your place in the world! XXX


7 thoughts on “Breaking News…..Breaking News…..Breaking News….

  1. Lorraine Mc

    Hi Lorraine. Congratulations on getting on the design team, I can’t wait to see what you create as I love the stuff you do. It is sad to see that someone was mean to you and tried to get you into trouble but glad that is all behind you now and you can get on with what you are good at. Also I would like to congratulate you on your new Job and would like to wish you luck and I hope you enjoy it. Can’t wait to meet up gagin in Glasgow see you soon big hugs
    Lorraine Mc

  2. jacquie

    Hi congratulations on your invite onto That Craft Place dt team ive been one of Lisa`s customers from the begining and congrats on your new job, well done

    love jacquie xxxx

    1. Hi Jacquie, thank you for your kind comments – I was chuffed to bits to be invited and cannot wait to get started…as for the new job – I think I will be out your way at Lillyhall….

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