My Goodness but time flies!   I was only thinking a couple of days ago that it has been a while since we had a news letter and suddenly Stampin’ Up! comes out with a 


to tell!!!

So lets get started – We will start with the not so happy news – for those of you that regularly read my blog – – you will know that Stampin’ Up! launched fantastic new online shops for each of us demonstrators…..mine can be found at Unfortunately only a day or so after this was launched Stampin’ Up! had to pull all the new online shops and the official word was this – We have taken down the online store to make compliance adjustments. At this point we are uncertain about how long these adjustments will take, but we hope to have them completed in the next few weeks.   This is very disappointing but I feel very sure that once they get things sorted – it will be back up and running in no time. 

 But what does this mean for me? I hear you shout….it means that you will be able to order with me still but directly at any time of the day or night! You can see exactly what promotions are available and if it is what you would like to do, you can even join my team! all on the one shop! And it is any time of the day or night – whooooopppeeeee!

Okay – lets get to the good news…….


YUP – its that time of the year – the RETIRAL LISTS ARE OUT!!!!! all those fabulous products that you love might very well be on this list – email me at for the up to date list – but be quick as things are selling out fast!

Hand in Hand with this is the launch of the new Annual Catalogue and Ideas Book which launches 2nd July 2013.  If you would like one of these when they become available use the PayPal link on my blog at and I will get one out to you as soon as I can – they cost £5.95 – but you will get that back as discount when you place your first order! These books are crammed full of amazing ideas and projects – A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY CRAFTER!

Okay….and NEXT UP…Best-of_Flowers_flyer_EU_th

Wow!!!!! aren’t these just fantastic – these are the most popular flower designs of the 25 Years that Stampin’ Up! have been delivering fabulous stamps and projects to us. Which is your favourite? I know which is mine and you will see some projects coming up featuring just these flowers so keep an eye open for these – they are available until March 2014 but dont wait until then to get your favourite – email me now and lets get it ordered!

AND there’s more……Single-Flyers_Assortment1_EU_TH

Ever seen a stamp set but really only wanted one out of it? Yep – Me too! So to satisfy that need, Stampin’ Up! have cleverly come out with this set of SINGLE stamps that cover most of everyone’s needs – clever Huh?  These though are LIMITED EDITION stamps and only available until 31st August 2013! Don’t delay – email today –! Hurry or you will miss out on these LIMITED EDITION stamps.

AND FINALLY……The fantastic and Fabulous Spring/Summer Catalogue comes to an end 30th June 2013. Not got yours yet? email me and I will send you an online copy so that you don’t miss out on the wonderful products and projects featured in this about to end catalogue!B1_SpringSummerCatLP_Jan0113_UK

So thats it for this news letter – so much to say ! 

Don’t forget to email me if you have any questions, need to place an order or want a catalogue…. 

So until next time remember to stamp your place in the world and artistic license is the essence of creativity!


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