Flowers a plenty….

Hello there…

Yes back again – and this time the challenge is Flowers – Now, I often pop flowers onto my cards – sometimes made myself but most often made by someone else and bought in packets.   And I love to see flowers, mostly in the garden but occasionally in the house….Now what I didnt know was that you are not allowed to take flowers into hospitals any more which I was pretty surprised at when I wanted to take flowers to my Mother in Law when she had a heart op over in Newcastle.

Here is my solution…..image0282

I made this bouquet by sello-taping some 2p coins round a block of flower oasis. I then placed the oasis into a box I made with cardstock, I was then able to push my paper flower stems into the oasis and know they would not tipple over. The Flowers themselves are a variety of die cut pieces using various K&Co papers – I love K&Co papers, they are always so lush and the colours so pure – I edge every flower with tone on tone ink and a dauber then glittered every one with Glamour dust (A girl can never have too much glamour dust!). The flowers are attached to wooden dowling painted green and have leaves attached and then built up into a bouquet. I finally took sheets of tissue paper and wrapped them round the box and secured with a ribbon – cant see it but it is definitely there!image0283

In this picture you can see the butterfly’s on dowling with bits of card stock which I ran over the edge of a pair of scissors to make the strip curl. My Mum in Law had these flowers at her bedside instead of real ones and I must say they did cheer the room up alot.

I hope you like them and if you fancy having a go your self, the girls over at That Craft Place will help you choose all the elements you need to create your own bouquet…..give them a shout an then enter your creation into our challenge  – I look forward to seeing your entry!

Until next time….remember to stamp your place in the world. xxx



















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