Hey Girls

I am feeling particularly childless right now – my eldest boy is away at Uni and my youngest is away playing rugby with his school in Amsterdam so for the first time ever – I have no children.   It is not a great feeling I can tell you…there are no Halloween preparations going on, no! NONE at all! we dont make a big fuss but the boys usually have come to ‘discuss’ some costume or other they need help making, I am sure you know the sort I am talking about: the scary mad scientist outfit covered in fake blood, the strange glowing alien from outer space covered in fake blood, the mad psychopath with the blood encrusted saw….Yep , I have made them all!!!   But not this year. So I  made a Halloween banner instead! And here it is….Now there are lots of pics as I was taking them with my phone – I have hung the banner up across the window above my sink so I get to see itIMG_3087wtmk IMG_3088wtmk IMG_3089wtmk IMG_3090wtmk IMG_3091wtmk

I have used the fabulous Halloween Banner kit for this but because I have made a 9 piece banner I have added some retired images onto there as well – I love this stamp set the images are fabulous!!!

Right I am away to wallow in self pity and wait you my boy to come back form his trip – we are attending a bonfire and firework display at the weekend and then bonfire food back at home – I cant wait!!!

Till next time , remember to stamp your place in the world!!! XXX


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