Creative Lull….A Share….and EXCITEMENT about what’s coming….

I have been feeling a little crafted out lately…not sure if it is the weather – when it is warm I feel I should be in the garden and when it is hot and sunny I feel I should be lying in the sun soaking up all those vitamin D rays in preparedness for the winter months ahead of me. But either way I havent crafted much in the last two weeks – not like me I know as I usually try and do ‘something’ every day.  I need to pull my finger out!

The workshop last week was fantastic – if a little hot – our venue is at a local garden centre and below ground so very little blow through with wind !!! I wanted to thank all the ladies who were there for making it a fantastic, if eventful, day – THANK YOU!!!  I totally enjoy each and every one of you’s company – you make crafting fun!

First and foremost – Stampdelicious by Stamp – The projects are ready and I have two options for you……but first the projects….


This time we are making ALL these! yep, all of them! including the delightful set of four at the front!  I think these were mostly designed or inspired by Dawn Griffith and you can link to her here. I love her projects!!!

So we will make all these and your two options are:

1. JUST the projects for our usual cost of £17.99 – usual Paypal button please….

2. ALL these projects plus the Chalk Talk stamp set to make them over and over your self, and a small heads up, as well as the Frame-lits which are already available to match up with this brilliant stamp set, there might very well be something coming to team up with it in the New Seasonal UBER versatile!!!!    definitely an all season stamp set!   What is the cost of all these projects and the Stamp set? just a BARGAIN at £30! So don’t delay, get yours ordered today – use the Paypal button over there and guarantee your amazingly priced stamp set and projects.

Today I rolled out of bed to the sun splitting the trees and a woodpecker inside my head splitting my skull in two!  MB and I were out last night, now it’s not often that we go out and even rarer that we get to go out together! But last night I donned my glad rags and a pair of high heels, popped a couple of hairgrips in to keep the strands from wandering, slicked on the lippy and off we went! By one o’clock all I could think about was getting to my bed, via the bathroom and some sleep!  I had a great night out but my goodness, how on earth do those youngsters do it?   I stuck to the one type of drink – my tipple is vodka – as Everyone knows you shouldn’t mix your drinks, but I still managed to feel very poorly by the time we got home. A quick visit to the bathroom saw me reverse my consumption and I tumbled into bed.  Now I never give sympathy for self inflicted ‘poorly – ness’ and I honestly don’t expect to receive it, but it wasn’t all my fault. When I got up this morning I thought I felt okay, but ten minutes sitting nearly chatting with my dad saw me back in the bathroom saying hello to the china white God in there!!!   (AT this stage I apologise wholeheartedly to anyone who is no longer looking forward to reading this post but I have had a complaint from a regular reader that I had seemed to stop mentioning what happens in my real life as opposed to what happens in my crafting life!!!  I suspect she might be regretting that complaint round about now….!)

I eventually emerged and went to sit in the fresh air. As you know the weather has been fabulous lately but I felt so bad I got my big snow coat out and sat in the sun lounger in my snow coat – fresh air+cosy duvet like snow coat+sunshine and I felt I was on the way to recovery…at least sat there I didn’t have to move and I could feel sorry for myself. My balance appeared shot to pieces – that would be tottering around for six hours in high heels not the vodka cocktails!. MB made his appearance looking as fresh as a daisy. He duly asked me how I was feeling then expressed his surprise that I was even out of bed ‘…after all the DOUBLE vodka’s you consumed!’  Double vodka’s?????  yes he said, ‘they were almost as cheap as a single so it made sense’!  There is no wonder I felt so bad and there is absolutely no wonder there is an alcohol problem amongst our young people if a double is only pence more expensive than a single! I am grateful that I was out with MB who apparently was ‘only drinking pints so I knew exactly how much I had’ and who took me home. He says I walked all the way to the taxi rank and my youngest boy says he hadnt realised I was not sober when he spoke to me at 2.00 am….I actually don’t remember that…..enough of that, I will go back to soda water and lime where the worst that can happen to me is swallowing an ice cube mid slurp!

What do I have to share? I hear you shout….Well, very excited to offer a ribbon share! Stampin’ Up have brought out a fantastic range of colours in their beautiful Chevron Ribbon…this is a 3/4′ inch deep ribbon and wonderfully soft and I am offering you the chance to have a project (or two) size share of EVERY SINGLE COLOUR!!!!Share - Chevron Ribbonwtmk

Each share will get a yard of every colour so thats TWELVE yards of ribbon

and the cost of this lovely ribbon including postage is £10!

Each share needs ten people to make it work.

What colours are in this Chevron ribbon? loads – there are such beautiful colours – it’s hard to have a favourite! but at this time of the year I would have to say it has to be the Island Indigo and the Pumpkin Pie, although I always love Cherry Cobbler and Pear Pizzazz, actually it’s probably Smokey Slate and Blushing Bride….ooooH! I love them all to be honest! You can get your share by either emailing me at or using the wonderful PAYPAL button over on the side bar. The share will close Sunday 18th August and I will post the individual shares out after 21st August.

So….EXCITEMENT about whats coming soon ….and whilst I am excited that Peter Capaldi is going to be the next Dr. Who ( he is going to be fabulous and so handsome!!!! I won’t be sitting behind the sofa once he is on the TV!!!!) I am even MORE excited that the new Seasonal catalogue – Yep, the one with all the luscious Christmas stuff in it – is coming very soon!   29th August it launches and I am hoping to have a few catalogues available FREE TO A GOOD HOME during that last week of August. If you would like me to send you one of the fabulous Seasonal Ideas Book and Catalogues simply email me and I will post one out as soon as they become available!

And finally some pictures….IMG_2661wtmk

I made this Christmas wreath today – whilst feeling poorly – maybe I should feel poorly more often?!?!, I desperately wanted to craft today and not feel like the whole day was a wash out! It is old DSP as I wasn’t sure what it was going to turn out like but I am really pleased with it! It is on a styrofoam base and utilises a whole pile of spring pegs – yes the wooden ones!!! Here is a slightly closer look….


Those are huge sparkles in the centre there and Raspberry Ripple Cardstock. So pleased with this!

Okay away to nurse my ‘poorly-ness’…until next time…remember to stamp your place in the world!!! xxxx