Christmas Ornaments Class……

Oh Ladies – it has been so long!  I have missed doing these blogs for you, but there has been a really good reason.  Honest! My summer has been a long round of failed exams (my eldest) a return to school (my youngest) and a betrayal from someone who, whilst not being a friend, was at least a colleague. It has been a terribly stressful time and one I hope I never have to go through again.   Enough moaning…..the betrayer will not gain from her actions, indeed my Mum used to say that |God doesn’t pay his debts in money and for the colleague who should have known better….well lets just say she will not benefit.

What have I been doing whilst I clear my name?  I have been crafting and preparing a Christmas Ornaments Class. This class uses the most wonderful Ornaments set, both stamps and die cutters and I really think you will enjoy it. The class will be held at Table Table on Saturday 13th October 10 – 4pm and cost £25.00 just use the Paypal button to book your place!  And here is a taste of what we will be making…..

I also made this lovely hanging for your wall at Christmas time….

This is really delightful and is around 24 inches approx  so not tiny! 

If you would like to take part in this  class it is a first come first served basis so dont wait to book your place!

Until next time – which will be quicker than last time! – remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx